fangbone tv show

Props Design Gallery

Design Department – Props:

  • Experience as the main in-house props artist
  • Reported directly to Director and Art Director
  • Animation ready designs done on ToonBoom Harmony
  • Regular launch meetings and feedback on work
  • Nerf dart targeting dummy


  • Weekly quota of 15-30 props
  • In house and client retakes/revisions
  • Freelancer revisions/task assignment
  • Handling animation inquiries (props)

Show Title: Fangbone! Third Grade Barbarian

Show Length: 1 Season, 52 Episodes

Genre: Family, Action, Fantasy

Medium: 2D Animation

DescriptionFangbone! is the story of a young barbarian warrior from Skullbania who travels through a magical portal into the suburbs of our world with a most dangerous burden. His mission is to protect the blackened and slightly jam-smelling big toe of Venomous Drool from being reunited with its master – the evilest sorcerer in all the planes of existence! Fangbone becomes the best friend of Bill – a kid whose weirdness is his ultimate weapon – and who helps Fangbone survive in a world of spelling tests and waffles.

The series is based on the books by New York Times bestselling author Michael Rex.¹²³